About Treu

TREU Forwarding Company - reliable storage, safe & on-time transportation

For more than 70 years TREU forwarding company has been taking care of transporting and storing your goods. In addition to the two sites in Carinthia & Vienna we profit from an active network of partners all over Europe. This helps us guarantee reliable and safe transportation and distribution of products and goods in Austria and throughout Europe.

Above all, the selection & training of our employees is of utmost importance for TREU forwarding company. With currently 45 employees, many of them have been working for us over decades, we guarantee quality and efficiency in terms of transportation, storage & logistics. Therefore, our team is known for reliability & friendliness while professionally handling your inquiries. Due to a well-coordinated team we ensure smooth processing and always try to provide you with the perfect solution for your transportation inquiries.

The following values are thus executed & lived on a daily basis:

  • Reliability
  • Safety
  • Punctuality
  • Quality
  • Flexibility
  • Customer focus

The company was established in 1920 in Tarvisio, Italy by a man called Josef Treu. He was born in Tarvisio in 1876 and he used to serve as officer in the Austrian Imperial Army. Eventually he was able to return home after the end of the Carinthian `Abwehrkämpfe´(defense war).

Back then, transports between Austria and Italy have been executed in particular for the Lead Mine in Raibl, where mainly  Galena (Blue Lead) had been sent to Austria for smelting. This has been made in order to have the lead bars returned, based on inward customs processing reliefs. In addition to these forwarding activities, the sampling inspection of ores & concentrates have become essential. As a result TREU has executed internationally valid sampling inspections.

An additional office in Arnoldstein, Austria has been established, in 1923. Especially import & export custom clearance processing, as well as transhipments & forwarding services have been organised at this facility. Meanwhile, the offices in Pontebba, Italy focused on activities such as import & export custom clearances for rail transports, exports and imports between Italy and the rest of Europe. The Vienna - Venice rail route has been particularly beneficial for the company back then.

Even though road transportation was still in its infancy, it was gaining more and more importance up until the beginning of World War II. However, after the collapse of the Italian Front in September 1943, all cross-border transports had been stopped & cancelled, so the offices had to be closed due to lack of business.

After World War II

After war, cardinal council Josef Treu, born 1920, started to rebuild the company. Therefore, business started again in January 1949 with its offices in Tarvisio (IT) and Arnoldstein (AUT).

Due to an economic recovery, TREU forwarding company started to profit again. Thus additional offices were set up in Silian, Lienz and Klagenfurt as hubs for transports to eastern Europe. In Italy, the expansion lead to a transformation of the company into TREU S.P.A. with headquarters in Tarvisio and offices in Goriza and Milan. An increased demand for transports to/from former Yugoslavian States, including import & export custom clearances, as well as bulk shipments, contributed to a constant growth of these facilities.

Since 1992 – Dr. Stefano Treu

In 1992 the founder´s son, Stefano Treu, born 1959, joined the senior management team after finishing his studies in economics & business administration. Eventually, he became CEO in 2008, in order to continue his father´s work in terms of providing reliable & professional transportation. Additionally, the company established a new site in Vienna-Guntramsdorf, in 2010, which disposes of high-bay-storage facilities and a block warehouse of 12,000 m².

Since 2018 until today - Mr. Alexander Müller

Dr. Stefano Treu, however decided to hand over his responsibilities to his two managing directors Mr. Alexander Müller (Vienna) and Mr. Karl Pippan (Arnoldstein), in 2018. Mr. Müller eventually bought the company, functioning now as the CEO and Mr. Pippan was appointed vice managing director.
The takeover of the offices of DSV Arnoldstein in 2021, results in an expansion of 6,500 m² of covered storage space and 22,000 m² of outdoor storage space. Moreover, all 14 employees of this company site could be taken over by TREU forwarding company.

Due to this, the two locations in Arnoldstein and Vienna are ideal hubs for excellent and especially safe and punctual transportation throughout Austria and Europe.