Locations of  TREU – Your Forwarding Company

Due to our two locations in Austria and an active network of partners all over Europe, TREU forwarding company guarantees high quality, punctuality & reliability in terms of transportation & logistics.

Arnoldstein Office (HQ)

Gewerbestraße 7, 9601 Arnoldstein
+43 4255 3305-0

The team in Arnoldstein is looking forward to receiving your transportation, logistics or storage inquiry.

Our opening hours at the location in Arnoldstein are:

Monday - Thursday: 08:00 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 17:00
Friday: 08:00 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 15:30

Get in touch and contact us directly.

Our team in Arnoldstein

Name Department Mail-adressExtension
Allgemeine Mailadresse Sekretariat treuastein@treu-sped.at0
Alexander Mueller Geschäftsleitung alexander.mueller@treu-sped.at50
Karl PIPPAN Geschäftsleitung karl.pippan@treu-sped.at27
Bernd Kofler Geschäftsleitung bernd.kofler@treu-sped.at+43 664 226 1029
Heinz Tschofenig Leitung Verkehr heinz.tschofenig@treu-sped.at26
Chiara Copetti Verkehr Italien chiara.copetti@treu-sped.at41
Alessandro Zanchetta Verkehr Italien alessandro.zanchetta@treu-sped.at43
Robert Miggitsch Zollabteilung / Intrastat robert.miggitsch@treu-sped.at31
Beatrice Della Mea Zollabteilung / Intrastat beatrice.dellamea@treu-sped.at48
Oxana Michalek Russland + Zollabteilung oxana.michalek@treu-sped.at29
Hans Jannach Fakturierung hans.jannach@treu-sped.at28
Victoria Dobringer Buchhaltung victoria.dobringer@treu-sped.at80
Melanie Trattnig-Sabotha Sekretariat Verkehrsabtlg melanie.gregori@treu-sped.at42
Johannes Heindl Verkehr International johannes.heindl@treu-sped.at38
Kerstin Schleschitz Verkehr International kerstin.schleschitz@treu-sped.at39
Sandra Millechner Verkehr Italien sandra.millechner@treu-sped.at47
Oskar Pöcher Verkehr AT oskar.poecher@treu-sped.at40
Sarah Pleli Lagerverwaltung sarah.pleli@treu-sped.at33
Stefania Copetti Lagerverwaltung stefania.copetti@treu-sped.at34
Kevin Nemetz Holzverladung kevin.nemetz@treu-sped.at+43 664 8827 5883

Locations TREU Arnoldstein

Vienna Guntramsdorf Office

Industriestrasse 31, 2353 Wien-Guntramsdorf
+43/ 2236/ 866 900-0

The team in Vieanna will be happy to assist you with your transportation & logistics issues. Get in touch with us.

Our team in Vienna

Name Department Mail-adressExtension
Alexander Mueller Geschäftsleitung alexander.mueller@treu-sped.at50
Paul Hradil Europaverkehre paul.hradil@treu-sped.at46
Martin Zenkl Verkehrsabteilung martin.zenkl@treu-sped.at51
Thomas Stecker Verkehrsabteilung thomas.stecker@treu-sped.at52
Sunya Chaisom Verkehrsabteilung sunya.chaisom@treu-sped.at55

Locations _Standort TREU Vienna